Yellow Cover Direct mail

This was first project for nti that we created from scratch. The name, logo and launch. Yellow Cover, as the name infers, is cover for anything that is yellow – those massive toys you see at construction sites. It needed to be ballsy. They needed a brochure. We gave them a piece of art. Sculpture in fact. The front and back cover is actually made out of 1/4 inch steel, powder coated in the corporate colour of yellow cover and the logo laser cut out. Binding the book inside was the trickiest thing. But 6 bolts did the trick. They were even the same shape as the logo. The scariest thing was the deadline. I remember saying to the client I’ll guarantee it being beautiful, and on time. How much it’ll cost I have no idea.

Concept: Andy Iles
Writer: Shane Murray
Art Director: Andy Iles
Designer: Mike Thomas
Photography: stock
Production: Matt Fryer
Construction: Heads up + ?
Awards: BADC 2016 Bronze brochure

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