UDL (alcoholic cans)

I love this campaign. I love illustration. There should be more of it. Allows exaggeration better than photography. This campaign was for Victoria only – an obsessed footy (AFL) state. Shown in mens mag titles leading up to the footy finals. We took classic cliches and mixed them up a bit. Look for the incredible talent in the tv….

Writer: Monty Noble
Art Director: Andy Iles
Illustrator: (A girl who I can’t remember…)
Director: Rowan Dean
Agency: Leo Burnett

There was some budget left over from the Bundaberg Premium shoot, (or rather there was creative accounting that really can only work in collaboration with the creative team), that allowed us to put together a spot for UDL, ‘now available in a six pack’ tv ad. I ended up in it by accident. Whereas my writer Monty was specifically cast for one of the sort-after roles of the Magnificent 7, I was behind the scenes ensuring they looked the part: costume, hair and make-up, bad teeth, horses, etc. Well, one of the not- so-magnificent-at-horse-riding, John ‘aka Bobo Gigliotti Pizza’ Boxer fell off his horse within seconds of mounting. He broke his collar bone. Unfortunately I was the only one left to fill the position. (It’s not the magnificent 6). You can see me here, trying to pull off the Yule Brynner vibe.

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