TJM 4WD equipment

In 1973, Lloyd Taylor, Cliff Jones, and Steve Mollenhauer were mates who raced souped-up vee-dub beach buggies. Their modifications became so popular, they formed a company – TJM.

Today, with 71 stores Australia-wide, TJM offers vehicle protection, recovery, drive performance, suspension, exterior, interior, electronics and camping. They’ve also broken into the US market.

But emotion and coordinated positioning were missing from the brand; creating issues with customers, sales and team members alike. They needed a campaign that would resonate internally as well as for new customers.

Research revealed 4WD owners don’t get out as much as they say they do, while they have the intention to do so. Our strategic insight was that owners are missing is a crucial ingredient – the confidence that comes through having the right equipment. 

The campaign direction we developed is ‘TAKE THE LEAD’. It tells the consumer they’re ready and capable to get out and explore. To take the road less travelled. To stop thinking ‘one of these days’. That they can take the lead, for once. That they can travel solo. With confidence.

It’s a positioning that tells you to step up and enjoy your off-road vehicle. It’s reminding you why you bought the bloody thing in the first place. It positions TJM, as a mentor, an advisor.

CD: Andy Iles
Copywriter: Andy Iles
Art Director: Andy Iles
Agency: next Thursday
Client: TJM

Don’t be a sheep.
30 second brand tvc
15 second brand tvc
15 second retail tvc
15 second retail the vc
30 second retail tvc
TJM staff shirts at store openings

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