Sunny Queen Farm Whinging Pom campaign

Sunny the egg. The most innocent icon in the FMCG category. There’s even a graphic smile printed on every egg. Sunny Queen Farms wanted to obtain more likes on Sunny’s facebook page. Rather than upping the innocent dial, we went the opposite, and created the opposite character: the Whinging Pom egg. Supposedly Sunnys cousin. It was easy from here. The UK/Aussie banter is the lowest hanging fruit to pick. We created a fake brand to launch into the UK market, with a full page newspaper ad, packaging, adshels, videos, interviews of pissed off Englishmen, a few stunts and surely enough, enough people became interseted in the campaign.

Writer: Jeff Smith
Art Director: Andy Iles
Director: Taxi films
Digital wiz: Steve Mair and co
Agency: bcm

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