Sunny Queen Farm – Chooktracker

Great campaign. What better way to demonstrate how fresh Sunny Queen Farm chooks actually are, than put a cat tracker on them, and record them roaming around the farm. This resulted in the chooktracker campaign. Too easy. We could see how far they roamed, and how far they ran. And consumers could see them every day on Chook tracker cam.

Writer: Jeff smith
Art Director: Andy Iles
Agency: bcm
Digital wiz: Steve Mair
Awards: AIMIA 2013 Finalist Best of Websites and online services – retail and eCommerce, AIMIA Finalist most innovative digital product of service – content innovation, AIMIA Winner Best digital advertising or communication – retail and eCommerce, AIMIA Winner Most effective digital product or service, AMI Finalist national awards for marketing excellence – experimental and brand experiences, BADC Bronze digital and new media online branded content, BADC Finalist digital and new media (innovative use of digital), BADC Finalist digital and new media (Microsites), BADC Gold integrated media campaign.

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