next Thursday

Previously The really quite good ideas company. A name change was needed to let everyone know it’s a new agency. It had to be catchy. And shorter. Why not own a day of the business week? The rational behind it came from as creatives, we don’t know what will happen next week. Most of the time you don’t know what you’ll be working on. Could be a pitch out of the blue. Or a topical ad. When the idea or inspiration comes to you, is unclear. But it’s not too far away.
And to practice what I preach, the logo needed to be fresh. The logo changes every time you see it. And in todays’ world, responsive. For social platforms, ie Facebook, next Thursdays’ icon is changed every Thursday. Each email signature animates. There’s even a hopscotch version of it as you walk into the agency.
I’ll upload some branding videos that Alt FX have helped us with soon.

Contributors: Mike Thomas, Ryan Kidd, Allessia Castiglione, Todd Murray, Dave Maunder, Matt Woods, Alt FX,

Each staff member has a different configuration and colour for their card.
There’s 9 variations of the logo before you walk into the agency.
Here’s an unreasonable toilet poster campaign that appeared at the Queensland Cricket Club 2019.
Pull up banner where the logo becomes a Tetris design.

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