next Thursday tv

We re-purposed some videos that were produced for the original agency, The really quite good ideas agency. These were done during a quiet time, to run on SBS Sunday business programs with the intent of generating business.
I still like them. Not many agencies play in this field. Maybe internally, but to put some tv campaign on air is another thing.

The hardest thing for this campaign was getting our hands on some actual tumbleweeds. There’s not the same ‘cartoon variety’ available in Australia. The US of A was the only place we could order them from. And customs had to gamma ray the shit out of the prickly mothers. Seriously, they are unbelievably thorny.

The talented Mikey Hilburger directed the spots with the assistance of Bubbles, aka producer extraordinaire.

Seven spots were produced in all. How Mikey managed to get that tumbleweed out of the lift was nothing but pure magic.

CD: Shane Murray
Art Director: Andy Iles
Copywriter: Shane Murray/Andy Iles
Agency: The really quite good ideas company/next Thursday
Agency producer: Dan Adler
Director: Mikey Hilburger
Producer: Bubbles
Sound: Roscoe

Tumbleweed aisle 7
Tumbleweed season end
Tumbleweed business going down
Tumbleweed missing workforce.
Tumbleweed sales down
Tumbleweed boardroom thrive
Tumbleweed empty hotel

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