Marine Protect insurance

I wish all projects were like this. Collaboration. Client blessing. The right amount of budget without throwing it around. And just enough time. Just. Once again, nti needed a new brand, overnight. They had an opportunity to get into the marine insurance business, and grabbed it by the horns. The project required secrecy and urgency. 50 marine brokers in the country needed to be presented with a direct mail piece. My thought was to demonstrate how valuable marine insurance is by showing the result of no marine insurance. To exaggerate this, just go back in time to when marine insurance didn’t exist. We managed to get hold of some genuine pieces of eight that were shipwrecked over 400 years ago, and placed them on the cover of the DM piece. The ‘book’ was designed as a hull of a ship from that era, and the binding was salvaged rope dipped in tar. We even photgraphed the headlines underwater. An ancient sea poem was projected onto cloth and photographed. This poem was scattered throughout the book. Once the brokers went to the website, only then did they realise the relevance of this poem. It was the narration of the video. But to up the anti, The Hound from The Game of Thrones voiced the poem from his hideaway north of Edinburgh. (His current project on the side was renovating a 1950’s boat). Now I’d love to take credit for this, but it was a suggestion from the client. A fantastic call. A wonderful project that demonstrated Marine Protect was not only a new player in the market, but a specialist overnight.

Concept: Andy Iles
Writer: Charles Schaefer
Designer/Typographer/Art director: Tom Kimmorley, Andy Iles
Production: Matt Fryer
Construction: Adam Head, Heads up
Photography: stock, Matt Fryer
Agency: next Thursday
Awards: BADC 2017 Finalist Design – typography, BADC Bronze Dimensional Direct mail, BADC Silver Art Direction,

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