Leukaemia Foundation

Be brave and Shave

Every once in a while, planets line up. And they certainly did for this project. With no budget, but a desire from everyone to make it happen, we created the infamous chin face campaign. Talent was half of the agency. Eyes from a dolls shop. Wallpaper from Skeet, my great mate from Sydney and one of Australia’s most awesome photographers and cool guy. That was 12 years ago. Everyone has someone involved in this dreadful cancer. It took my mum. This concept has raised over $140 million bucks, and that was a few years ago. It’s still going strong. It’s so important to continue raising money for research. A cure is so close. And children are surviving blood cancers at a higher percentage than ever. But mainstream perception can become complacent. ‘Oh, I thought there was a cure for Leukaemia now’, is common. There isn’t. But there will be. The tv and radio was hilarious to make. I found the ‘viral video’ we managed to create only last week. Completely forgot about it. I helped put fake hair on an already hairy man for hours. And discovered the amazing Spring Hill Baths through this shoot, thanks to Mikey Hillburger. Incredible location. Respect to everyone involved. And those who fight the battle to win the war daily. Thank you.

Writer: Nick Ikonomou
Art Director: Andy Iles
Photographer: Skeet Booth
Director: Grey Rodgers, Accomplice (tv)
Director: Mike Hilburger, (viral video)
Agency: depasquale
Awards: BAD bronze Community service TV/Cinema

Viral video for the shave for cure campaign

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