Lemon Ruski launch tvc

After the success of xlr8, and the client having confidence with new distribution structures of delivering palettes to outlets rather than single units, the next project was to launch Lemon Ruski, a ready to drink alcoholic drink made from Stolichnya. Now this was a tiny lie. They had the rights to the name, but the alcohol at the time of launch was rice wine, and made in New Zealand. Eventually this was changed to be the genuine drop. But at the time of launch, the one word brief was indeed ‘genuine’. We simply created a Russian party on board a genuine Russian 1950’s submarine. Awesome. Tickets booked. Moscow here we come. However, a genuine 1950’s Russian submarine just so happened to come into Sydney for the National Maritime Museum for whatever reason. I could see it from my office window. ‘But think of the money we’ll save to put back into production!’ Great. We cancelled Russia, ended up shooting in Darling Harbour, with the talented Bruce Hunt, and it turned out to be a beautiful piece. Ice sculptured bars. Female jet pilots clad in black latex suits. Trapeze girls offering Ruskis from the air. Russian guards. What’s not to like? The only gripe I had was not being able to use the genuine soundtrack – Jesus Jones, Right here, right now. We tried desperately for it, but you can’t have everything all the time.

Writer: Monty Noble
Art Director: Andy Iles
Director: Bruce Hunt
Agency: Leo Burnett
Awards: AWARD Art Direction Finalist Craft TV/Cinema

Going underground

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