Ladbrokes cricket, AFL, NRL tvc’s

After re-establishing Ladbrokes for being the number one betting company for racing, we needed to remind the punters that they can bet on any sport. Straya! So the Ladbrokes ‘man-cave’ was created, allowing us to focus on all or a specific sport at any one time. Great set. (I went GOT with the chair). Below are the AFL and NRL spots. Below them, we showed two of our characters as flatmates watching the Cricket World Cup, with offers thrown in. (There wasn’t time to get the band together for filming in the man cave).

Writer: Shane Murray
Art Director: Andy Iles
Director: Ryan Renshaw
Agency: The really quite good ideas co
Awards: BADC 2015 Finalist 30 second tvc ‘NRL legendary’

AFL brand 30

AFL legendary offer
NRL brand 30

NRL – legendary bet

Cricket World Cup ‘Top Batsman’
Cricket World Cup ‘Catch a 6’
Cricket World Cup ‘Bouncer bet’

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