James Cook University

This was a pitch. I really wanted to win this. The uni has such an amazing point of difference. Seriously, if you wanted to study anything to do with the environment, where else would you go? The uni is in a rainforest, a coconut drop from the Great Barrier reef, with a cyclone simulator at your doorstep (not that you need it, they visit naturally). So the insight came from the name – James Cook. I thought he would’ve been looking out off the horizon constantly. So, What’s on your horizon? became the campaign line. It’s a nice call to action. No chest beating. And to ram it home that it’s in the tropics, the campaign led with Study in the tropic of envy. The tropic of humanity. The tropic of nature. Life. Imagination. Anyway, I love university advertising. What a product – the future of an emerging adults’ mind.

Writer: Andy Iles
Art Director: Andy Iles
CD: Andy Iles
Photography: stock/client

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