Heritage Bank ‘Bye Bye Bank Rage’ campaign

The video below explains the campaign well. In a snapshot, Heritage Bank, a regional ex-mutual building society, wanted a ‘Switch bank’ campaign.
Switching banks is one of the top ten real pain in the arse jobs to do. So, add some emotion to the process, some entertainment, and the decision to switch might become real. By utilising the public sentiment out there against the lazy money grabbing big 4, we gave Joe Public an avenue to vent his/her frustration before switching. Vote with a rotten tomato against, (or for) their banks via a live banner. Overwhemingly, it was a vote against the banks. I happen to be the cleaner in the 24 hour live feed, mopping up the floor of slippery tomatoes. It was the messiest set I’ve ever been involved with.

Writer: Jeff Smith/Andy Iles
Art Director : Andy Iles
Digital wiz: Steve Mair
Agency: bcm
Awards: BADC Bronze digital and new media (Rich media advertising), BADC Finalist integrated media campaign, BADC Finalist outdoor media campaign, BADC Finalist outdoor media transit advertising,

Bye bye bank rage

We even managed a cheeky m message on top of the bus shelter for the Wespac execs.
‘Hi up there big bank execs. Wave bye bye to your customers’. Apparently Westpac staff were seen voting to love their banks in their luck break.

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