Gannons EcoDoors

Gannons is a family owned and operated company which design and custom build display doors and cabinets for coldroom systems. Chris Gannon wanted to get in front of the large supermarkets. His latest product, the EcoDoor, is 60% more efficient than what’s out in the market. That, over many refrigeration doors, can add up to millions of dollars of savings on large companies electricity bills. Let alone omissions going into the environment. Win win. I was emotionally invested in this from the start.

So the product is great. All we needed to do was demonstrate this. But why let the refrigeration engineers realise how inefficient their current systems are. Then it’s not Gannons chest beating. Factual evidence. And to the audience, irrefutable.

The idea was to use thermography. We sent out an esky full of fake ice, containing a thermal camera (for them to keep), along with a heat sensitive personalised brochure. The brochure points out how the fridges in aisle 7 should look. Blue, in thermal imagery, that is. But they don’t. (We tested this thoroughly). But don’t take Gannons’ word for it. See for yourself.

The eskies were delivered to a certain head office in Sydney. Months passed. Nothing. Chris Gannon was nervous. I thought there’s no way this will fail. Surely. Months later, we realised the 3 engineers had been working from home due to Covid.

Weeks later, Gannon EcoDoor team secured an audience with the giant retailers selection panel for doors and aluminium inserts for:

1: Australia’s largest supermarket chain (950 stores)

2: A major national discount liquor chain (250 stores)

3: A major national convenience liquor chain (1,350 stores)

They recently had to move to a larger factory.

CD: Andy Iles
Concept: Andy Iles
Copywriter: Laz Simons
Art Director: Andy Iles
Agency: next Thursday
Client: Gannon Fabrication

Chilling facts inside….

Actual images from the camera were used in the brochure. No retouching.

Each brochure was personalised.
Initial test of the heat sensitive ink.
Three eskies ready for delivery….

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