CleanCo is a Queensland government-owned electricity generation and trading company. Their ambition is to harness Queensland’s abundant resources to offer reliable, globally competitive low emissions energy services to customers. This ambition helps drive down electricity prices, integrate renewables while preserving reliability, and support the transition to clean energy in a way that drives regional growth and jobs.

Sounds like a pretty awesome company to work for. 

They were moving to new head offices in Brisbane at 140 Creek Street in the city. 

next Thursday were engaged to add some graphics to their re-fit head offices, collaborating with Australia’s leading interior design company IA Design. Certain offices needed more privacy than others. And to still allow light in. Some areas needed surfaces to be disguised. For example, old lockers. And there were a lot around the office. And because CleanCo is dedicated to 100% recycling, every element of the office fit-out that could be recycled, was. The lockers were a prime example of this. They just needed some love.

Rather than offer some typical secondary graphics and colours from an existing style guide, I came up with a suite of imagery that depicts the energy sources that generate the electricity they trade in. But not your typical wind farms. Or solar farms. Or hydro stations. The staff see these images every day on their screens.

Solar. Wind. Hydro.

These three elements of nature were spread evenly throughout the office. The entrance was where you saw all three powers together. The imagery was divided into these three sections, rather than a disorganised montage of imagery. 

One of the favourite images has been a dog with his head out of the window. Demonstrating the love of wind energy, obviously.

The main image, or money shot, was a stunning image of the Earth, capturing Queensland from space. Even though this was over a wall of lockers, all you see is the image.

These graphics not only brighten up the office, they remind the staff (and suppliers/visitors), daily, the purpose of why the company exists: the beauty of Mother nature, and how powerful, yet fragile she is. It’s all our responsibility to look after her. 

Stage two will be incorporating ancient indigenous stories and poems: the changing of seasons, the power of the elements, worshipping of the sun and the stars, to the power of Mother nature, good and bad. 

CD: Andy Iles
Art Director: Andy Iles
Finished Art: Anderson Carloni
Account Director: Cindy Kovac
Client: CleanCo

First example you see coming out of the lifts. The three energy sources – sun, wind and water.

Before. Ugly lockers with previous tenants graphics. A complete eyesore.

The main image – capturing Australia, in particular Queensland from space.
A reminder that we’re all responsible for the environment.

Some of the wind imagery….

Some solar images

The water area. From underwater waves to Barron Gorge at full flight. You feel like you’re underwater in the boardroom. And it projects a peaceful atmosphere.

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