Chrischo ho ho…

To be honest, I’d never heard of Chrisco before. Quite a successful company, offering hampers traditionally to Aussie and Kiwi families for over 40 years. They seemed quite stale, and predominately relied on advertising in the ‘after 9 morning tv show’ slot. Fair enough. That most likely was their main audience.

We needed to arrest sales decline. To save money, they opted to go social, and leave the tellie overnight. Overnight, their customers left them. They assumed they had folded.

We had to re-engage their ageing audience, and attract a new one. Challenging, selling the benefits of lay-buy to an audience who understands zip pay, after pay and the like. And educate customers that Chrisco can keep Christmas debt at bay, without sounding like a loan shark. After all, the majority of their customers were one bill away from no Christmas at all.

We came up with 2 tv ads using the tagline, ‘Avoid the Christmas hit, just Chrisco it’. This utilised the brand name, making it a verb, giving the brand purpose, a true point of difference, along with attaching value to it. One spot to appear before Christmas, and the other after. Seemed weird at the time, but that’s how it works. The more you pre-plan Christmas, via layby, the cheaper and more manageable the payments are.

I was happy with the outcome considering the timeline and money we were given. Tight and lean. But the craft I wanted never made it on screen – eg: the supers on the tv spots were mandatory.

CD: Andy Iles
Copywriter: Andy Iles/Laz Simons
Art Director: Andy Iles
Agency: next Thursday
Director: Frazer Bailey
Producer: Justin Lyons
Production Company: Playtv

30 second brand tvc
15 second brand tvc
30 second brand ‘The rellies’. (finished version to come)
How the supers were intended. As if they’ve been stitched onto a bad Christmas sweater. This would’ve become another device/look for digital banners.

Various still from the shoot.

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