Australian Rugby Union

Poster and print campaign utilising the players. A new tagline – ‘Go with your instincts’ was created based on the insight that no matter what shape or size you are, there’s a position for you on the rugby field. Tall kids can emulate John Eales in the line out. Fast ones can look up to Matty Burke. And strong ones can try out for the front row. Even the small kids can try and be like George Greegan, depicted here as a leopard.

Campaign evolved to Rugby: It’s in your nature.

Writer: Monty Noble.
Art Director: Andy Iles
Photographer: Simon Harsent – Burke, Front row, Eales, Greegan
Photographer: Sean Izzard – Egg, Wolf
Tv to come…
Awards: AWARD finalist individual photography – front row, AWARD bronze campaign photography – front row, cheetah, bird of prey
CLIO finalist TV/cinema 60 seconds

Mathew Burke. Photographer, Simon Harsent
Front Row. Photographer, Simon Harsent
John Eales. Photographer, Simon Harsent
George Greegan. Photographer, Simon Harsent
Tom, Eggman. Photographer, Sean Izzard
Ben Tune, winger, wolfman. Photographer, Sean Izzard
At the time the French were testing nuclear bombs in the Pacific. Merde!

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