ACPA – Aboriginal Centre for the Performance Arts

ACPA needed a video to illustrate to the Minister for Performing Arts that ACPA has come a long way. It’s no longer a tier 3 organisation. It should be viewed as a viable alternative to TAFE, and potentially with NIDA. But, like all similar organisations, it needs funding. Instead of doing a political video for one person, why not make a recruitment video for future students? And with so much footage shot on the day, we decided to narrate one from a mentors point of view, and another from a students mind. From meeting the client to having this shot was a matter of weeks. All talent cast from the centre. Concept was to capture behind the scenes, the life at the centre, the soul of the place. The daily rituals, rehearsals. Footage that the audience never sees. It’s not about the end product. It’s the journey. And to remind and encourage future students that they are good enough.

Writer: Andy Iles
Art Director: Andy Iles
Director: 3P
Agency: next Thursday

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