Seriously, the longest project I’ve been involved with. It has taken nearly 18 months to get this bad boy up and running. There were many times it wasn’t going to happen. But I’m so glad it did. Acis, one of Australia’s largest providers of business and investment structures and restructures, wanted to expand into NSW and Victoria. They’re well known in QLD. But it’s incredibly difficult to get the attention of owners/directors of accounting firms. A leaflet or email just won’t cut it. Quite simply, the brief was to get a foot in the door so Acis can have a one-on-one meeting with southern accounting firms. And the point of difference with Acis, is that they scrutinise every transaction. Fool proof.
To demonstrate security, integrity and what occurs when things go wrong when finances aren’t in the right hands, a direct marketing piece was needed.
It begins with each recipient receiving a personalised hand written card with their name, title and and 3 digits. The following day, they receive an army metal dog tag, with their name, title and the same 3 digits embedded into it. The following day, a large package arrives by registered post. It’s a Zero Halliburton – the choice of briefcase for spies and drug lords apparently. The 3 digits opens the case, revealing billions of dollars of genuine Zimbabwean currency. There’s a card on top as the only clue. It says visit
The below video is the only piece of communication that explains the campaign. The director, Brendan Williams and I went to Zimbabwe to film the video. It may seem excessive (we could’ve filmed a version of the script in the agency), but it wouldn’t have been genuine. The brief case was the real deal. The money, 100% legitimate. So the film had to be shot over there. It gives the campaign more gravitas. (And the recipient more guilt to follow up). Zimbabwe was tense to say the least, with an assignation attempt on the President and wife just a week before we got there. With the recent election only weeks old, the opposing party were taking the government to court over the result claiming it to be heavily rigged. We were there days before the result of this election came out. Telia Chilundo Mhonda, CD from TBWA Zimbabwe let us take over her office to film in. The actor we cast was fantastic. And the producer we somehow managed to get hold of within an hour of arriving was simply awesome.
Just getting our hands on enough currency that doesn’t exist in circulation to fill 100 briefcases was a feat in itself.

Concept: Andy Iles
Writers: Charles Schaefer, Eugene Horat
Art Director: Andy Iles
Agency: next Thursday
Director: Brendan Williams

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