Headline: Luke, I am not your father.
Logo: Durex.

No images, but you get the idea. This could become a poster, radio or tv ad, or beginning of a broader campaign.

Advertising is fun. If you’re not enjoying it, I may be able to help. We’re in the entertainment industry after all. Sales, marketing, latest platforms, buzzword bingo, is secondary. Story telling rules. And wins. Every time. Just have to keep it simple.

This site is a collection of some of my work over the years. It’s more for the purpose of conservation. If it’s not on the net, it didn’t exist apparently. So I’ll keep on adding when I can gather interesting projects.

As for me, I just love contributing to a brands’ journey. I find myself either creating one from scratch, taking over the reins of another, or resuscitating one from death. If your brand is in need of being created, managed or saved, I’d be more than happy to assist.